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Van Driver Training

Van driver training adopts many of the key principles of defensive or advanced driver training for car drivers but obviously takes into account the visibility and dimensional restrictions posed by vans. The aim is to improve drivers’ awareness of what is going on around them and in turn enhance their ability to predict the circumstances which might lead to a collision.

Our highly qualified Driving Risk Management trainers know only too well that the van driver has a full licence and, in most cases, will be experienced, so these van driving courses bear no resemblance to traditional learner driving courses. The trainer will make a point of finding out the type of driving work that the trainee is involved in so that he can adapt the course to suit the work environment concerned.

The in-vehicle course delivery itself will take the form of a friendly, supportive, empathetic dialogue between the two, containing many defensive driving hints and tips, some of which may surprise even the most hardened of van drivers. The trainer will suggest a route that takes in all road types and will also be able to focus on any areas of particular concern that the driver has.

Apart from exploring many different on-road collision-avoiding techniques, the trainer will also cover parking and manoeuvring, which is a well known high risk area for van drivers, as well as changes to rules, regulations and road furniture. We also explore how defensive driver training can integrate with telematics systems to increase efficiency and further reduce running costs.

These driver training courses will not only equip even the most experienced van driver with new methods of identifying and managing risk out on the road but they will also upskill the trainee, to the benefit of both employer and employee.