Safer Driving Workshops

‘Safer Driving’ Workshops

Although practical driver training is almost always the most effective solution for those drivers with a tendency towards risk-taking, those at lower risk can really benefit from defensive driving classes. At Driving Risk Management, we pride ourselves on creating safety driving workshops for small groups that are not just informative and helpful but fun to participate in too.

So we create defensive driving classes that contain engaging, thought-provoking content and ensure they’re delivered by top class coaches to make the whole experience both enjoyable and memorable. We believe our kind of interactive driving workshop helps vital driver safety messages stick in people’s minds and makes a real difference to their future behaviour on the road.

‘Out of Nowhere’ Driving Workshop

Duration: 2 hours

In this defensive driving class, the coach and participants will discuss the most common types of collision and why they occur. It might sound basic, but there’s a lot of fascinating facts and figures here, so this is one of the most popular defensive driving classes of all.

Driver Development Workshop Modules

Average duration: 3.5 Hours, each module 20 minutes

We have developed a series of driving workshopmodules from which you can select any number to form a defensive driving class tailored to meet the specific needs of your own organisation:

  • Defensive driving techniques
  • Vehicle safety checks
  • Safe driving attitude and behaviour
  • Avoiding the killer syndrome – fatigue
  • Summer and winter safe driving techniques
  • Driving for maximum fuel economy
  • Overtaking safely
  • Dealing with road rage and stress
  • The principles of ‘Roadcraft’, the police driving manual
  • The importance of speed awareness
  • Top tips for easy parking and manoeuvring
  • The frightening facts about drink and drug driving


The Psychology of Driving Workshops

Duration: 3.5 hours

Although a defensive driving classwill be packed full of information and advice that is beneficial to use in everyday driving situations, we felt it was important for drivers to really understand why they make the decisions they do when presented with a potentially unsafe situation.

As a result we have developed a series of defensive driving classes in conjunction with a visiting lecturer in psychology at the University of London who is also an active researcher in the field of neuropsychology. Participants will be amazed by this totally fresh look at the business of driving, which reveals the influences and triggers that cause them to behave the way they do as drivers.

Attention and distraction

This defensive driving class will cover some of the psychological theories of attention and how they are relevant to driving, particularly the classic ‘looked but failed to see’ scenario.

Risk taking

A defensive driving class in which we take a more in-depth look at why drivers perceive road risk the way they do and particularly how individual personalities influence specific behaviours.

Individual differences in driving behaviour

No two drivers will react the same way in a given situation, so in this defensive driving class we look at how character traits affect situation outcomes and also the significant differences that driver age can make to judgment and resulting safety factors.

Fatigue, alcohol and drugs

Most drivers know that impairment of any kind is highly risky but a minority still persist in taking a chance. This defensive driving class looks at the body of evidence that proves the detrimental effects of all these problem areas on the ability to drive safely.

Understanding driving research and statistics

Understandably perhaps, there is a lot of scepticism within the driving population about the way in which driving-related research is carried out and the value that it has for them as motorists. In this defensive driving class, we go behind the scenes to explain how research is carried out and the contribution it makes to influencing the legislation that all of us motorists are ultimately bound by.