Chauffeur Training / Security Driving Course

Although not mandatory by law, professional chauffeur training is highly recommended for those seeking to make a living out of driving customers around smoothly and safely in high specification limousines.

There is a defined protocol to follow as a chauffeur and generally clients have high expectations but little tolerance of a lacklustre performance. Driving Risk Management has been delivering high quality chauffeur training courses for many years now and has a long list of satisfied graduates, who are arguably setting the standard in the sector.

An important part of the chauffeur training course is the ability to anticipate the actions of others in order to achieve smooth, effortless progress, whereby the passenger barely notices the ebb and flow of everyday traffic patterns. Your expert Driving Risk Management instructor is highly experienced in delivering the techniques to achieve this and will be able to provide hints, tips and guidance that set you apart from your peers.

The chauffeur training course covers:
• Advanced and defensive driving
• ‘Roadcraft’ principles
• Maximising passenger/VIPs comfort, security and safety
• Professional car cleaning

If you complete chauffeur training with Driving Risk Management, there is every likelihood that you will be able to command premium rates. You will also have the personal satisfaction of achieving a recognised qualification from a D.S.A. accredited supplier.

For those also responsible for the welfare of potential targets, Driving Risk Management can provide a Security Driving Course, as an adjunct to the Chauffeur Training course.

In addition to the elements within the Chauffeur Training course, the Security Driving course covers:
• Convoy lead, point and block
• Security tactics and evasive manoeuvres
• Dynamic risk assessments
• Threat intent, capability and opportunity route planning to avoid choke points

Available throughout the UK, and by arrangement in Europe and the Middle East, both the chauffeur training and security driving course can be combined with a skid awareness and control course.