LGV Assessor Course / Train the Trainer Driver

Like most people in the professional driver training industry, we recognise that qualified, experienced truck drivers respond far better in a training or assessment situation to peers of similar status. For that reason, we encourage larger LGV fleets to adopt a Train the Trainer format so that the driver assessment or coaching is effectively done ‘in-house’.

A company driver trainer really is ‘one of the boys’ and will be far more adept at spotting problems early on, because he’s on the scene all the time and receiving the feedback from workmates. He or she might not be as experienced or qualified as a full time Driving Risk Management instructor but nonetheless they should be a huge asset when it comes to driving down on-road incidents and improving efficiency.

A highly experienced Driving Risk Management instructor would run the Train the Trainer driver course and coach your selected member of staff in the key elements required to assess and monitor driving performance. Although the Train the Trainer driver course is specifically geared to the LGV environment, being merely an experienced driver may not be sufficient to identify the most suitable candidate – he or she must be confident when it comes to getting both the information across and laying the law down if it’s required!

Although your member of staff will have completed a Train the Trainer driver course, it’s important to point out that this will not equip this person with the qualifications to teach drivers outside your organisation for any form of reward (anybody training drivers for monetary reward must have an Approved Driving Instructor certificate issued by the Driving Standards Authority).

The course, which can be taken as a three day Assessor or five day Train the Trainer driver, covers:
• Half day theory workshop on defensive driving
• Vehicle checks and inspection
• Coaching on driving skills
• Fault assessment and feedback
• Presentation skills
• Report writing