In-vehicle Risk Assessment & Driver Training Course

Work-related road safety is a phrase that crops up regularly in the trade media and one that is now being widely used in government circles, as all kinds of interventions are examined in an attempt to reduce deaths and injuries amongst ‘at-work’ drivers.

At Driving Risk Management, we have for many years been providing driver training courses that help all kinds of organisations improve their work related road safety. However, before driver training takes place, one should ideally assess the individual driver’s need, so that the appropriate course can be provided.

Although we can, and do, provide online driver risk assessments, these are not always practical for those who are predominantly vehicle-based on a daily basis. The alternative is to carry out an in-vehicle driver risk assessment, often whilst the driver is going about his or her usual driving duties. This way there is the minimum of business disruption and there is a better chance of the driver acting in a normal manner, which helps the assessor provide meaningful observations.

When it comes to the fleet driving training course itself, Driving Risk Management trainers will not only be professional and informative but also try to make the training session enjoyable for the participant. As we allude to in the Driving Development section of this website, defensive driving the Driving Risk Management way will hopefully change your whole approach to the business of driving. There are no complicated techniques to learn but the driver training course will enable you to avoid collisions, make your journeys more efficient and reduce your stress levels.

Before long you will find yourself anticipating the actions of others around you, as if by magic, which reduces risk and makes a significant contribution to work-related road safety.

In-Vehicle Risk Assessment Training

Recommended for all ‘at-work’ drivers (pre-employment, new starters, high risk drivers, post collision situations etc.) and conducted at the client’s location using their vehicles, the driver training and risk assessment course covers:

• Eyesight, driving licence verification and vehicle checks

• Initial assessment drive

• Coaching based on the risk profile

• Driving risk management

• Report with risk assessment