Grey Fleet Solutions

The expression ‘Grey Fleet’ is used in the UK fleet industry to denote employees driving for work in cars that they own or are the keeper of. They are a ‘Grey Fleet’ inasmuch as they are all but invisible due to not being registered as a company asset, but nonetheless they can present quite a headache for the employer.

Even though the Grey Fleet vehicles are not owned by the employing organisation, it still owes a duty of care to the drivers, and other road users, if those vehicles are used for driving for work purposes.

An employer will need to establish if the driver has a legal licence, if the vehicle is correctly taxed and insured for work purposes, is MOT compliant and is receiving regular servicing in accordance with the maintenance schedules set down by the manufacturer.

The employer also has an obligation under health and safety law to both assess and then provide company driver trainingif that assessment reveals a need.

Company driver training need not be expensive, time consuming or onerous. In fact only high risk drivers really need practical company driver training. Drivers with lower risk levels can benefit from other forms of driver development, such as attendance at a workshop or even completing online-based distance learning.

If employers are to avoid the long arm of the law, they need to manage all these disparate pieces of information that collectively prove they have recognised a risk in the workplace and then taken all reasonable steps to mitigate it.

At Driving Risk Management, we can take the worry of managing your Grey Fleet out of your hands entirely. We have management systems that can give you a real time picture of your Grey Fleet driver status, relevant vehicle records, driver developmentinformation and even external data, such as history from accident management providers.

All the information you need is collated in one place, giving you password-protected access at any time to suit you. To enquire further, please complete the information required on the Contact page, shown on the menu above.