E-Profiler - Eco Driving

Assessing a driver’s risk profile online is quick, easy and cost-effective. As an employer you have an obligation in law to assess the risk your drivers are exposed to if they drive for business purposes, so the e-profiler is an easy way to tick the box.

But the e-profiler does far more than merely assess risk levels. The process of completing the e-profiler gets people thinking and actually makes them consider the importance of eco driving too.

The beauty of the e-profiler is that it can be done at almost any time, either in or out of work time, and only takes about 20 minutes to complete. Anybody with internet access and basic computer skills can cope with the e-profiler.

By looking at a range of parameters, like age, annual mileage, type of roads most commonly used, time of day when usually driving, previous incident record and reaction to specific risk scenarios, the e-profiler will arrive at a categorisation of risk for that individual driver. This enables Driving Risk Management to suggest the most appropriate course of action to mitigate the risk that is identified. It’s also useful to overlay this information with the finding of the driving licence checking procedure that we highly recommend. This way any training suggested is specifically targeted to need.

Although the prime intention of the e-profiler is to assess risk and prevent collisions, it should be considered part of the whole driver education process. Employees sometimes resent the requirement to complete a driver risk assessment but they should be reminded of the legal requirement you have as an employer and the fact that you are discharging your duty of care obligations to them.

So this is one way to encourage more eco driving which will save money in the long run and have a direct effect on your organisation’s profitability.