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Post Incident Driver Training Course

Carrying out an effective Post Collision Interview is a critical first step but it is a job that requires specialist knowledge and experience. Driving Risk Management has several highly experienced coaches who can deliver this type of training and advise on suitable support materials.

The training will focus on using sensitive and empathetic interview techniques in order to uncover the true circumstances of the incident without apportioning blame. This approach should give the employee the confidence to be honest and suggest where there might be shortcomings in knowledge, skill or decision-making capability.

With all the information on the table one should be in a position to indentify the correct training need, which will reduce the chances of a re-occurrence of such an incident in future. The post incident course will also look at the important part played by having up-to-date driving-related policies in place and the other forms of employee communications that can aid driver development.

The post accident training course will also cover the need for driver re-assessment following the remedial training and on-going monitoring thereafter. Finally there will be guidance on how to document the whole process to provide evidence, should it be required, that appropriate action had been taken to mitigate specific risk that had been identified during the post incident review process.