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Post Accident Driving Courses

It’s often said that we learn from our mistakes but, despite 95% of all on-road incidents being attributable to human error, not all crashes and collisions are investigated properly afterwards by those responsible for work vehicles.

Post collision or post incident reviews [which some less enlightened people refer to as ‘post accident reviews] are critical if we are to prevent a re-occurrence but this can only realistically happen when there is a ‘non blame culture’ existing in the organisation. Employees should be actively encouraged to discuss the circumstances of road incidents occurring while they are driving for work, even if they have experienced a ‘near miss’ and luckily got away with it.

Employers who have staff driving for work purposes, even if they are using vehicles funded by the employees themselves, are obliged by legislation to manage the risk that those members of staff are exposed to while out on the road. Best practice dictates that organisations should have a robust, documented management and monitoring system in place, which not only identifies potential road risk but reacts positively in the aftermath, should an incident occur.

Managing post incident reviews properly helps maintain staff morale and loyalty, as well as sending a strong message that staff members are a valued resource, upon which the organisation relies heavily for its long term commercial well-being. With years of experience in managing road risk within many different commercial sectors, Driving Risk Management is well equipped to deliver the post incident training course required to create meaningful post incident reviews and resulting remedial actions.