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LGV Courses

Despite the fact that, in general, LGV drivers are better trained and have more rigorous licence qualifications to meet, they are still exposed to considerable risk on a daily basis. Just look at the facts.

52% of fatal accidents on motorways involve LGVs, despite LGVs only comprising 10% of the traffic on this type of road. LGVs are also involved in 1 in 5 fatal crashes on A roads, a ratio that has worsened over the last five years. An LGV is five times as likely to be involved in a fatal accident on a minor road than other traffic too.

Fortunately for the LGV driver, because of the vehicle’s cab height, they are often saved from serious injury and the other road user involved in the incident is far more likely to come off worse. However, because of the momentum carried by a heavy LGV into a lighter vehicle, such as a car or light van, injuries involving LGVs are nearly always severe.

This can have a devastating effect on the LGV driver who survives such an incident unscathed. They are rarely as motivated, efficient and emotionally stable following such an incident and productivity inevitably suffers. Some even quit the business entirely after a crash resulting in a fatality.

Defensive driver training adapted to the specific needs of LGV drivers can therefore be extremely beneficial, both for the driver and the employer.

We also offer Train the Trainer LGV Assessor courses so that the LGV driver assessment or coaching can be done  by your ‘in-house’ driver team.