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LGV Defensive Driving Courses

Defensive driver training adapted to the specific needs of those driving LGVs has certainly proven to be a valuable tool in the armoury of those professional drivers who really want to be at the top of their game.

No matter how experienced you are, rules, regulations, technology and best practice do change and evolve over time. As a professional driver it pays to keep pace of developments and a defensive driver training course from Driver Risk Management can really pay dividends.

Our training style should in fact be considered as coaching. We know that the majority of LGV licence holders are experienced, considerate drivers so all we ask is that they just think out of the box a little and look at the bigger picture.

Although our coaching sessions are crammed with all manner of original hints and tips aimed directly at the driver’s own behaviour, we go much further than that. Our highly qualified trainers encourage LGV drivers to consider how they are viewed by all other road users. This goes a long way to explaining the decision-making processes by other road users which can lead to conflicts and collisions, giving the LGV driver a different perspective and new insight on managing road risk.

Our LGV training courses will also help to improve fuel economy and may be able to help you meet your Driver CPC obligations too, so please contact us for more details on this.