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Safer Driving For Your Company

Driving is one of the most dangerous activities that employees carry out in the workplace. It’s reckoned that nearly a thousand people are killed every year on the UK’s roads as a result of the involvement of somebody who was at work at the time. There are thousands of additional collisions that result in damage to both business people and vehicles, the costs of which are almost always borne by an employer somewhere, in some shape or form.

But something can be done about this situation. Here at Driving Risk Management we have developed a form of training tailored specifically to the needs of fleet driving. Even if you think you don’t have a fleet of drivers as such, fleet driving training is still relevant for your staff because it’s geared specifically to those who drive for any form of business purpose. The important thing to remember about fleet driving training is that we are not trying to teach people how to drive as such or adopt complicated new styles of driving. Fleet driving is all about driving in a safer and more efficient way, so that both the employee and business benefits.

Our years of experience in fleet driving training have enabled us to perfect the art of encouraging this behavioural change in fleet driving, using a style of coaching that is appropriate, empathetic, supportive and above all enjoyable. This culture applies to everything we do, be it one-to-one practical fleet driving coaching, group fleet driving workshops or online fleet driving training modules.

The end result is a substantial saving in your fleet running costs and the comfort of knowing that you’ve embarked upon a process of fleet driving training that aids compliance with fleet driving legislation, which in turn impacts upon all those who are responsible for your vehicles in the workplace. An added bonus of fleet driving training is that employees are more confident, more productive, more risk aware and become ambassadors for your brand while out on the road.

Driving Risk Management offers a range of fleet driving training and other driver training programmes to meet the needs of your fleet business, irrespective of the types of vehicle that are used.